Hipster style basically represents people who are non-conformists. It shows their rebellious nature, their inner artists, and their uniqueness. The hipster look began as something unconventional and “strange”, but today it is becoming ever more popular as more people realize that being different and dressing comfortably can be fun.

As hipster fashion becomes more popular, it is easier to find accessories, clothes, and shoes in various shops without looking too hard. Whether you’re looking to try out the hipster look or just want to get a better idea of what “popular” hipster fashion includes, here’s a short list of items to get you started:

Vintage Clothing

Vintage and retro are becoming more popular in modern fashion and have gone from being grunge to being hipster. You can find tons of great items in vintage boutiques, second hand shops, and even new clothing lines that are bringing vintage back. Aim for anything between the 50s and 70s.

Skin-fitting pants

Skinny jeans are very popular in hipster fashion with colors varying from black to interesting colors like purple, red, and green. They can be worn, torn, sleek or checkered – it doesn’t really matter. Find the ones that make you feel unique while still being comfortable.


Belts are a very common accessory with the emphasis on original belt buckles. A great place to look for great buckles and belts is Ali Express and eBay, or geek shops if you’ve got a specific fandom you’d like to support. Go for a big, colorful buckle that will stand out and represent what you love, be it colors, art, goth, or even Batman.


You need t-shirts if you’re going to make this work. You’ll find a lot of buttoned shirts in hipster fashion but t-shirts are a big must. Just wear what you love – any color, any fit, any graphic design.


The sneakers are what make the combination of the skinny jeans and belt buckle hipster. Wear something comfortable, black or colorful, solid or with a pattern – go wild.


This is a huge part of the hipster look and some choose to wear no-prescription glasses just for the look. If you do need glasses, try a new pair that’s full-framed, plastic, big and geek-ish. Black is the most popular frame you’ll see, but I’ve seen a lot of yellows, reds, and greens out there too that looked great.

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