The human manifestation of Trying Too Hard

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Hipsters are a group of people obsessed with what they perceive to be nonconformity. While there are many different flavors of hipster, they all are alike in their celebration of irony and desire for individuality. Like all “counterculture” followers, hipsters hilariously fail to realize that their attempts to fight the system only bring them closer to the conformity that they claim to reject. IRL, hipsters are easily identified by their either outlandishly colorful or ironically unfashionable clothing, their fake glasses, and their choice of Djarum Black, Pall Mall, or American Spirit cigarettes. They tend to pool around indie music venues, independent coffee shops, consignment shops, local record stores, and off-beat dive bars, which usually double as indie music venues.

Online, hipsters can be found on Tumblr, where they re-blog indie art and artistic quotes, and Flickr, where they proudly display their black and white photos of flower petals, city streets, and everyday objects like lawn furniture. Photos get extra points for being out-of-focus and having unintentional motion blur. They can also be found on Last FM, where they operate under the assumption that people care about their music tastes. On Facebook, they clutter others’ newsfeeds with awful song lyrics and “artsy” pictures from their latest hipster gatherings.


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