MyLapse is an app for iPhone that combines the ideas of a time-lapse and a self-portrait. The aim is to breathe new life into the modern day “selfie”. The days of duck faces are over, MyLapse provides a much more engaging way to document the effect of time on an individual.


With built in reminders, you’ll be notified to take your daily photo whenever you want. As you take your daily shots, your MyLapse will grow resulting in a constantly updated animated lapse that showcases your life, your adventures.


The type of MyLapses users are creating are wide ranging, some include : Fitness Tracking, The Growth of A Child, Collages With Friends & Family, Fashion, Site Seeing, Funny Transitions With Friends, Customized Lapses Expressing Emotion That Can Be Easily Texted To Friends Revealing A Customized Emoticon With Your Face Animating Automatically.


There are unlimited possibilities, it’s up to the user to catch time how they see fit.

This is the evolution to the self-portrait.


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