If you are a man which shaves their facial hair and has stayed away from the current beard trend, there are many shaving products available to you on the market. Whether you use regular high street bought shaving gel and razors or prefer something a bit fancier, there is a perfect product out there on the market for you which can make shaving the easy process it is supposed to be. If you have never delved into the market of men’s grooming and shaving products, there are many top products out there which you have truly been missing out on, all available from Comb and Blade.comb-and-beard-Mr.-Bear-Moustache-Wax-Wilderness-hair-pomades-1-25-2015-5

There are products available to you for use before, during and after your shave and each steps helps towards having the perfect shave. Using a product before you apply your shaving gel or cream probably isn’t something you are used to, however it can make your shaving experience a lot smoother. Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil is the perfect pre-shave product for you to invest in. Massaging this oil into your beard before you shave helps the razor do all the hard work and eliminates any nicks and bumps.


 If you are looking for an alternative to your regular shaving gel then try Dr. K. Shaving Soap. Made using only natural ingredients, it is a soap specifically designed for shaving which creates a long lasting lather which is easy for your razor to slide over. It also has great after-shave conditioning qualities and is vegan friendly so can be used by anyone. With ingredients such as Cocoa butter and Shea butter, and a lovely peppermint scent, it will leave your face feeling and smelling great.


After your shave you should finish with Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Creme. It is an aftershave creme and moisturizer used to prevent any skin rash and razor burn from the shaving process and leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft. Simply rub it onto your skin like a moisturizer with your fingers after your shave and remove any excess is necessary  and your shave will have been finished to perfection. This may seem like hassle and a lengthy process simply just to shave your facial hair, however with these great quality products, taking care of your face and skin will seem like a crucial process every time.




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