Waves Apparel is fueled by artists from around the world, check out this design by artist Jakewashere from Seattle, WA


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Waves Apparel is a Canadian start-up which began with a question: “Why can’t I get a good quality tank for the summer at a reasonable price?” We print small batch high quality shirts. Some may be gone forever once sold out, like a wave, it comes and goes. Any designs that aren’t created by our featured artist are created in house by our co-founder Russ.

Featuring Artists

We are proud to feature artists from all around the world who contribute to our designs, our brand, and our community. Many of the designs we offer are original pieces from people who’s passion is creating art. As we grow we are looking to bring on a community of artists from all walks of life. Using great people like this helps add a unique flavour to Waves Apparel and keeps us excited!

Where do our shirts come from?

We source our tank tops from American Apparel in LA, California. American Apparel makes their shirts right there in LA, never with any child labour. We pass on the high quality and standards to you.

Once we get our shirts, we bring them to a local Toronto based printing shop and then they’re ready to be sent to you!

We know that quality is king, and we will never cut corners and sacrifice our brand.

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